Create activity list report include predecessors and successors

Sometimes you need to make an activity table report which also show predecessors and successors of each activity.

Here are the step how to do it.

Go to Report window and click “+” button to create a new report.


At “Select Subject Area” dialog, Select Activities.


At “Select Additional Subject Areas” dialog, Select Predecessors and Successors


Select Predecessors, Click Column


Select column you want to show. For example : Activity ID and Name. Then you should click Edit column to change the title.



You will do the same with the Successors.

Now you can print the report like this:


It show Predecessors and Successors for each activity.



6 thoughts on “Create activity list report include predecessors and successors

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  1. How to get Predecessor and successor in same line against activity ID?

    I dont want below like for one activity ID pred and succdetails are appearing below ….I want Activity details and Successor & predessor in same line


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