Renumber / Change Activity ID for all activities to be ascending perfectly in Primavera P6

While making activity list for a project, we usually have to insert Activity. So the final Activity list don't have a nice ascending sequence like below picture: We want all activities ID to be ascending nicely. So we select all activities, go to menu Edit -> Renumber Activity ID. Edit the Prefix if necessary, and... Continue Reading →

How to modify Activity ID Suffix in Primavera P6

In Primavera we can use 'Renumbering Activity ID" function to modify Activity ID Prefix. How about we want to modify Suffix. I will show you how. We have a simple project with default activity ID like this First we go to Tool -> Global Change Click on New button In “Then” section: In Parameter select... Continue Reading →

Renumbering Activity ID in Primavera P6

By default activity ID in Primavera has a format like A1000, A1010 and so on. How about we can make the ID more meaningful. For example we can change the "A" letter to show the WBS which they belong to. First you will select all activities you need to renumber. Go to Edit -> Renumber Activity IDs... Continue Reading →

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