How to use an iPad as a second monitor

As a planner, we usually need a second monitor to be more productive. If you have an iPad, you can easily make it a second monitor. Here are the steps: On our iPad, go to App Store and search for "Duet Display". Buy this app (around 20 USD) and install it on our iPad. On... Continue Reading →

How to Install 2 Primavera P6 versions on the same computer

With Primavera P6 version 18, we can easily install the new version 18 and keep the old version (for example version 16) on the same computer. After download version 18 installation source, click on Setup: We will uncheck the option "Replace existing version": Click Install as usual: After finish installation, on the Start menu we... Continue Reading →

Oracle releases Primavera P6 version 18.8 – What’s New in this version

Oracle has just released Primavera P6 18.8 and here's a look at what's new in Primavera P6 Professional version 18.8: Performance Percent Complete Field Based On Labor Units. The Performance % Complete - Labor Units field shows the percentage of the activity or project planned work that is currently complete as measured by labor units.Calculated as Earned Value Labor Units divided... Continue Reading →

Primavera P6 Professional : “Unable to connect to the database” error

When connect SQL database in Primavera P6 Professional, we usually have problem like: Error Message:  Bad public user Name or password. SQL Server Error: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen(Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. Error message: Bad public user name or password. SQL Server Error: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Invalid Instance()).] Invalid connection.;" Error Message:  Bad public user name or password. Database Server... Continue Reading →

What is Primavera P6 Professional latest version?

Primavera P6 Version History / Latest Version Version Release Date Detail Information 18.8 06-Aug-2018 What's new in version 18.8 P6 Professional Version 18 Documentation 17.7 21-Jul-2017 What's new in version 17.7 P6 Professional Version 17 Documentation 16.2 30-Sep-2016 What's new in version 16.2 P6 Professional 16 R2 Documentation 16.1 31-Mar-2016 What's new in version 16.1... Continue Reading →

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