How to Level Resources / Resource Leveling without changing Project Finish date in Primavera P6

Normally when we Level Resources, Primavera will delay an activity so that Resource is not overloaded. It can make Project Finish date delay. How can we make Project Finish date not delay? I'll show you how to do it in this article. We have a simple project with 2 activities assigned Resource A and 2 activities... Continue Reading →

How does “Level Resources” in Primavera P6 work?

Primavera have a function (called Level Resources) to solve the overload resource problem. I will explain how does it work in this article. We have 2 activities which is assigned resource called "Test". Test can work 8 hour/day. These 2 activities happen at the same time so it will cause Test overload. When you use... Continue Reading →

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