Show relationship between group of activities

Sometimes we want to simplify our Gant chart report. In stead of a report like this with so many relationships connecting between all activities: We can make it more simple by showing only summary level and relationship between them: It's very useful for Manager level when they only need to see the summary level. I... Continue Reading →

Print report show predecessors in Gantt chart

To show Predecessors of an activity we can use Relationship tab: However it's quite difficult to identify what are those activity. How about we can show them in Gantt chart. That will be more easy to understand. First you choose View -> Collapse All. Go to the activity you want to show Predecessors. Select a... Continue Reading →

Graphing a P6 Resource S-Curve in Excel

Tutorial Files Excel Spreadsheet (Excel 2007+): P6_Scurve_Example.xlsx – 1.5Mb Step 1 – Export Primavera P6 Resource Assignments to Excel Following the steps from our previous tutorial, you now have all the resources and assignments in an Excel sheet. You can modify the primary sheet for better graphical features. Step 2 – How to Use the Data To draw... Continue Reading →

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