Primavera P6 SQL database error : “The database has not been configured to run background jobs…”

While using P6, we may need to move SQL database to another computer. After backup and restore SQL database to another computer, every time we run P6, it might show this error : "The database has not been configured to run background jobs..." I will show you how to fix it. Step 1: Go to Start... Continue Reading →

How to type Chinese character in Primavera P6 Professional / 如何在Primavera P6 Professional中输入汉字

There're lots of way to use Chinese character in Primavera P6. But I will show you the easiest way. If we don't have Primavera in our laptop, we can install it following instruction here : If we already had P6, we have to create a SQLite database. The above "How to install Primavera P6" article also... Continue Reading →

How does Primavera P6 calculate Planned Value Cost for Activities without linear distribution (using Resource Curves or Manual plan) in Earned Value Management

When we use Earned Value Management technique, we focus on: Planned Value Cost (PV) = Budget At Completion * Schedule % Complete Earned Value Cost (EV) = Budget At Completion * Performance % Complete (usually equal to Activity % Complete) Schedule Variance (SV) = EV - PV SV > 0 : project is good, ahead of... Continue Reading →

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