What is the difference between Activity type: Task Dependent and Resource Dependent in Primavera P6

In Primavera P6, there are 2 popular activity types: Task Dependent and Resource Dependent. What is the difference between these types? By choosing the activity type, P6 will select what calendar is used to calculate the finish date of the activity: Choose Task Dependent: P6 use Activity calendarChoose Resource Dependent: P6 use Resource calendar It will affect... Continue Reading →

How to Change 5 Day Workweek to 7 Day Workweek calendar but keep Project Finish Date unchanged in Primavera P6

After 3 months of hard working, we finish a schedule with 5 Day Workweek calendar like picture: Then the Construction team said that "06-Mar-18 is the right Project finish date, but we're talking about 7 Day Workweek, not 5 Day Workweek. Sorry pal, it must be a misunderstanding." What the he**? Changing Activity calendar will... Continue Reading →

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