Primavera P6: Cannot change Remaining Duration of an Activity

Problem When we change the Remaining duration of an activity, it keeps reverting to the original value. Change the Remaining Duration value of an activity Reason & Solution There could be two reasons of this problem: 1. There is an "Expected Finish" constraint on the activity. When using an Expected Finish constraint, the remaining duration... Continue Reading →

Primavera P6 XER Import is slow / hanged when importing Risk Category and How to avoid this

When importing an Primavera P6 XER file, P6 Professional could be very slow or hanged when it starts to import Risk Category like the picture below. Primavera P6 Import with Risk Category These Risk Category comes from a Primavera model or database that use Risk Analysis application. If we do not use this Risk Analysis... Continue Reading →

Primavera P6 Constraint: How does it work?

1. Purpose of Constraints in Primavera P6 Date restrictions used to reflect project requirements that cannot be built into the network logic.More accurately reflect real-world aspects of a project.Provide added control of a project.Apply to the entire project or to individual activities.Commonly used project-level constraint: Must Finish ByCommonly used activity-level constraint: Start On or AfterNo... Continue Reading →

How does Primavera P6 determine a driving relationship between activities?

The Driving Relationship is determined based on the Relationship Free Float and the business rules for Driving Relationships. Relationship Free Float Relationship Free Float (Rel FF): The Free Float on the relationship. Calculated as Successor Early Start (assuming a Finish to Start relationship) - Relationship Early Finish on the predecessors' calendar. This field is computed... Continue Reading →

How to perform Collapsed As-Built / As-Built But-For Schedule Delay Analysis in Primavera P6

Introduction An Collapsed As-Built / As-Built But-For Schedule Delay Analysis (ABBF) is a retrospective CPM schedule delay analysis technique that determines the earliest date that the required project completion activity, or various milestone activities could have been achieved but-for the owner-caused delays that occurred during the project. The amount of owner-caused delay determined from the ABBF Schedule... Continue Reading →

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