Benefit of using Primavera P6 in Delay Analysis

Primavera P6 software can be very useful in delay analysis work. Some of the benefits are described as follows. 1. Filter which activity affect the critical milestones There could be many delay events happened in a project and each delay event affects certain activities. What are the delay events or activities impacting the critical milestones?... Continue Reading →

How does Retained Logic, Progress Override and Actual Dates in Scheduling Options work?

In Primavera P6, there are three options in the Scheduling Options dialog as follows: Retained LogicProgress OverrideActual Dates Primavera P6 Scheduling Options dialog These three options control how Primavera P6 calculates "Out of Sequence Progress". To demonstrate how these options work, let's look at a simple project including 3 activities described in the screenshot below:... Continue Reading →

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