Primavera P6 XER Import is slow / hanged when importing Risk Category and How to avoid this

When importing an Primavera P6 XER file, P6 Professional could be very slow or hanged when it starts to import Risk Category like the picture below. Primavera P6 Import with Risk Category These Risk Category comes from a Primavera model or database that use Risk Analysis application. If we do not use this Risk Analysis... Continue Reading →

Primavera P6 error when import Microsoft Project XML / Run Update Baseline, Claim Digger

When we import Microsoft Project XML file to Primavera P6 / Run Update Baseline / Claim Digger, an error could appear with Event code: CNFFC- Message: Could not find file \bin\java.exe. Cause: These are scenarios which can cause above error: There is no java.exe file in the \Primavera Common\]ava\jvm\bin directory The JAVA_HOME variable is set to... Continue Reading →

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