How to define Resource Productivity in Primavera P6 and create schedule

When create a schedule, we can based on Resource Productivity to estimate duration. For example: We have a team which can cast 10 m3 of concrete per day (This is Productivity) We have an Foundation which take 100 m3 concrete. Duration of Foundation activity will be  100 / 10 = 10 days Now we will do it... Continue Reading →

How Early and Late date are calculated in Start to Start relationship in Primavera P6

In Finish to Start relationship, Primavera calculate Early and Late date base on 2 process Forward Pass (to calculate Early Start and Early Finish) Backward Pass (to calculate Late Start and Late Finish) In Backward Pass, the Late Start of successor (Activity C) will be the base to calculate Late Finish of predecessor (Activity A... Continue Reading →

Why does Asterisk (*) appears next to the date in the Start or Finish column when no constraints applied to the activity

In Primavera, sometimes we see there is an Asterisk (*) appears next to the date in the Start or Finish column but no constraints have been applied to the activity. Why does it happen? I'll explain here. The asterisk appears if the activities have relationships to external projects. This project I receive from my friend and import to... Continue Reading →

How does Retained Logic, Progress Override and Actual Dates in Scheduling Options work?

In Primavera P6, there are three options in the Scheduling Options dialog as follows: Retained LogicProgress OverrideActual Dates Primavera P6 Scheduling Options dialog These three options control how Primavera P6 calculates "Out of Sequence Progress". To demonstrate how these options work, let's look at a simple project including 3 activities described in the screenshot below:... Continue Reading →

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