What’s new in Primavera P6 version 16.2

Download slide : whats-new-in-primavera-p6-version-16-2

New Features:



4 thoughts on “What’s new in Primavera P6 version 16.2

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  1. Hi doduykhuong,

    I am presently using R15.2. When I try the Export/Import feature of P6, it says” Excel Import/Export requires MS Access Database engine”, what shall I need to do?


  2. Hi Doduykhuong,
    Please be introduced, I am from Jakarta (Indonesia), I am glad to see you on your blog, the topic is refreshing me to try this program. I hope you can release all the item on Primavera commands and description how to use the item per item of the field in the Primavera.
    Thanks regard


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