Oracle releases Primavera P6 version 18.8 – What’s New in this version

Oracle has just released Primavera P6 18.8 and here’s a look at what’s new in Primavera P6 Professional version 18.8:

  • Performance Percent Complete Field Based On Labor Units.
    The Performance % Complete – Labor Units field shows the percentage of the activity or project planned work that is currently complete as measured by labor units.Calculated as Earned Value Labor Units divided by Budget at Complete Labor Units multiplied by 100. Always in the range 0 to 100.
    Earned Value Labor Units: The portion of baseline labor units that are complete as of the project data date.
    Activity Level:
    Calculated as BL Project Labor Units or BL1 Labor Units, depending on project settings, multiplied by Performance % Complete.
    WBS Level:
    Calculated as BL Project Labor Units multiplied by Performance % Complete.
  • Upload Graphics to the P6 Database to View and Print From Any Location.
    You can upload graphics for use in reports directly to the database. This allows you to view and print graphics even when the graphic was added from a different computer.
  • 32-bit Operating Systems Not Supported.
    32-bit operating systems are no longer supported. We recommend using 64-bit operating systems instead.
    The SDK (Software Developers Kit) is a 32-bit technology and is no longer supported. We recommend using the API (Application Programmers Interface) instead.
  • Import Zipped XER Files.
    You can import XER files directly from a zipped file, without the need to decompress the file manually before importing.
  • Activity Owner Functionality Improvements.
    You can import the Owner field from Primavera XML files if the destination database includes the same users as the originating database.
    What's New in Primavera P6 Professional version 18.8-2
    About Activity Owners
    Users in P6 can be designated as activity owners. An activity owner who has Projects module access and the required privileges can update the status and other details for their assigned activities.When adding an activity to a project, the activity can be assigned an activity owner or a resource assignment.
    Activity owners are typically used when resource assignments are not used for reporting status on activities, or when one person is responsible for reporting for a team or a crew. For example, a construction foreman is assigned as an activity owner and is responsible for reporting status on the progress for the entire crew.This feature can be used in combination with Reflection projects in P6 Professional to enable controlled merging of contractor schedules with activity owner schedules.
    Activity Owners can report status on activities in P6 or in P6 Team Member interfaces. If status is reported in P6 Team Member interfaces, project managers can turn on Team Member status reviews and review, update, and approve the activity updates in P6.
  • Choose Whether to Update Actual and Budgeted Units and Costs When Updating Baselines with New Assignments.
    The Activity Data tab of the Update Baseline dialog box allows you to choose whether to update actual or budgeted units and costs when adding new resource and role assignments to the baseline. You can still choose to update actual and budgeted units and costs when updating existing resource and role assignments in the baseline.
  • Managing Personally Identifiable Information.
    Features have been added that enable you to manage the personally identifiable information you store in P6 Professional, including creating consent notices, auditing consent status, and controlling access to specific data.
    Personally Identifiable Information: Explained
    The data or information that is used to uniquely identify a contact, or locate a person is called personally identifiable information (PII), such as social security number, addresses, bank account numbers, phone numbers, and so on. This information is considered confidential and sensitive, and must be protected to prevent unauthorized use of personal information for the purposes of legal regulation, financial liability, and personal reputation. For example, only authorized users must be allowed access to the social security numbers of people stored in a system.
  • Prime Lean Task Integration With P6 EPPM.
    Import tasks from the Oracle Primavera Prime Projects Tasks app to P6 Professional when connected to an EPPM database to integrate your lean scheduling process with P6. Tasks are visible in P6 Client as tasks assigned to activities in integrated projects.
  • Improvements In Offline Working for P6 Professional.
    You can see the date and time when a project was last cached in the Last Cached Date column in the Projects View.


Cumulative Feature Overview Tool

Primavera P6 Professional Release 18.8 Tested Configurations

What’s new in Primavera P6 EPPM version 18.8:

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Exploring HTML Pages in P6 EPPM:


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