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Construction Project Planner / EOT Claims Consultant / Forensic Schedule Delay Analyst

Oracle Primavera P6 Certified Specialist


Mr. Khuong is a competent civil engineer, project planner, forensic delay analyst and IT specialist. He brings a wealth of international experience including project management, planning, and claims preparation skills. He is very well versed with a range of project planning software and other data mining, analytical and management tools. Khuong has prepared numerous delay analysis submissions, some of which were used in international Arbitrations and high-profile projects in Asia and beyond. He’s based out of Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam).

Mr. Khuong has a Bachelor Degree in Engineering and a Bachelor Degree in Management Information System. He’s also trained as Primavera Authorised Trainer.

He loves to share his knowledge of Oracle Primavera software.

He can be reached by email: admin@kdblog.net

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  1. are you Vietnamese ? Hope you create similar blog in Vietnam. Our engineer is lacking knowledge about Primavera P6. That is a way to distribute your experience to support Vietnam Engineer in above mentioned software. Thanks


      1. Hi Khuong,
        I have came through your useful website and I am really appreciating the knowledge you are sharing.
        I have a inquiry and would be very thankful if you can kindly help.
        Comparing between a couple of updates for the same project, I found that the total float values are different between the P6 Professional and P6 visualizer.
        For example, total floats for activity A2670 are 84 and 2 days. However, looking at the values of the same activity ID are 95 and 2 days.
        Appreciate your advice highly.

        Best regards



  2. Quick question, If a contract terms requires project completion in conservative calendar days (6 or 7-days/week) and contractor are working week days (5-days/week). How should contractor show actualized completed field work on the schedule, use calendar days or working days? And how would they recoup or make up all the none weekend work to meet deadline/project completion without delaying or asking for excusable and compensable extension of time. Thanks!


    1. Hi,
      If the contract term use 7 day workweek and define start date 01-Jan, end date 07-Jan, it mean 7 working day.
      The contractor use 5 day workweek. When you create project in Primavera, choose 5 day workweek calendar. Then your project will finish on 09-Jan.


  3. Hi Duy Khuong, Is it possible to have P6 (V6.8) o the Earned Value equal to Actual Cost when tracking the progress? I have to manually set the actual cost to be the same as earned value cost. I am trying to plot a remaining cost histograms by months.


  4. Chào anh Khương,

    Em cũng theo dõi blog của anh một thời gian rồi, thấy nó rất hay và em cũng học được rất nhiều từ anh. Hôm nay, nhờ anh tư vấn giúp em chút nhé.
    Em đang làm tiến độ cho nhà máy chuẩn bị turnaround, nhưng hiện tại đang băng khoăn không biết chọn loại % công việc nào để tracking và báo cáo tiến độ giữa 3 loại : Duration, physical, hay Unit %?

    Nhờ anh với kinh nghiệm của mình có thể tư vấn giúp em chọn loại % hợp lý đối với dự án đặt thù như Turnaround để kiểm soát tiến độ nhé.

    Cảm ơn anh.


    1. Hi em.
      Cám ơn em đã theo dõi blog.
      Để quyết định xài loại % Complete nào thì phụ thuộc vào nhiều yếu tố. VD: dự án có được nhập man hour và chi phí vào hay không; dự án có nhu cầu để tổng hợp % hoàn thành lên các cấp WBS hay Project hay không; và một số yếu tố khác.
      Thường thì bên anh phải họp với khách hàng để lấy thông tin và phân tích thì mới đưa ra câu trả lời được. Chứ nó không có một công thức chung nào cả. Nên chắc là anh không thể trả lời câu hỏi này được. Mong em thông cảm nha.


  5. Hello Sir,

    First of all, your post are resourceable, understandable and useful. Really thank yor for that.

    I tried to find an-email of yours, but couldnt. So i am leaving a comment and a question here. The reason to reach you is asking question about Covid-19 impact on our work schedule.

    As an example;

    During pandemic, the number of our manpower has discreased and work hasnt stopped, still going… I d like to see the result of this decrease. so I tried something but i cant be sure about conclusion. What I did is changing working hours on “Calendar” from 8 to 4 (decreasing %50 beacuse manpower decreased %50) and after I scheduled, project is delayed. what i wonder is if it is right result.

    Hope to hear your opinion about it.

    With all my respect and sincerity..


    1. Hey bibakcamki, I’m not Khuong Do, but there’s a few ways I’d approach this. I would change the max/units per time for your resources. Under the Resources tab, find the impacted resources and under the Units and Prices tab you can select max/units per time with an effective date. Then, you can resource level your plan. This is especially useful as a big question around COVID is how do things look after we return to regular working hours? With the max units/time, you can choose an effective date for returning to a full workload and can run multiple scenarios.
      Thanks, John Thomas mcKenna

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi Bibakcamki,
      Your solution is correct. I guess the calendar you adjusted is “activity calendar”, not “resource calendar”. Although we should adjust the resource calendar due to the reduction in working hours of the resource, it’s still ok to adjust the activity calendar. Under certain circumstances, it brings the same result. To understand more about the activity calendar and the resource calendar, you can refer to this article:https://doduykhuong.com/2018/03/15/what-is-the-difference-between-activity-type-task-dependent-and-resource-dependent-in-primavera-p6/


  6. Dear Khuong Do,
    I need your help. I am trying to do the following. “I want to filter all activities which are linked to one particular activity”
    In my schedule, I don’t have any open-ended activities. Post Project progress update, I circulate Critical paths and Critical packages to team. Critical paths have more than one packages (WBS) in it and some times I need to segregate these packages as well. For example, I have one activity that is driving the project completion date (Critical) and I want to present this path (only this path) to the team. Now I want only the activities which are linked to this activity (all predecessor and successor activities which are in Critical path). This list will start with NTP (Notice to proceed, first activity of the project) to Handover (Last activity) with my desired activity somewhere in between.
    I have tried to filter by negative float but it does not work, as successor/predecessor activities can have varied floats (float is not constant for the whole path).
    Can you please advise how it is possible?
    Vikas Sharma


  7. Como faço para mudar a data date de corte para quarta-feira e no P6 a data de corte é de domingo e segunda.


  8. Good afternoon,

    Is there any way in P6 can compare deviation Total Float between two schedules( current and baseline?) P6 shows an option for Total Float and BL1 total float, but there is not a variation between them. Even using defined fields and global change I couldn’t figure it out. Would you help me with this?


    Abilio Neto


    1. Hi there.
      You can change WBS color by right click on the activity table -> Group and Sort -> Click on the Font & Color.
      If you set the color for a certain level (for example level 2), all WBS in level 2 will have that color.


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