How to filter based on WBS date in Primavera P6

We have a project which contain 4 building like below picture:


Now we need to filter which Building will start in next 3 month (Dec, Jan, Feb).

We can create a filter like this based on Activity:


And P6 will show this result:


Building 1 and 3 will start.

However the Finish date of Building 1 and 3 is wrong. Because P6 only show activity based on the Filter so that summarize information in WBS is wrong.

Now how can we show right start and finish date for the WBS.

P6 does not provide function to filter based on WBS. So this is when “WBS Summary” type will come into play.

We will create a WBS Summary activity in each Building.


Now each WBS has an activity which mirror information of the WBS.


So you can filter WBS just like you filter activity.


Now Building 1 and Building 3 show the right Finish date.



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