How to highlight a Time period in Gantt chart in Microsoft Project

MS Project do not provide a tool to highlight a time period in Gantt chart.

So how can we do it?

First you create a new calendar. For example “Gantt Shade”


In Exception tab, add the Time period you want to highlight. (From January to March)


Right click on Gantt chart and select Nonworking Time…


In Non-working time tab, in Calendar select Gantt Shade, in Draw select Behind task bars, in Color select Gray color.


Now Time period from Jan to Mar has been highlighted.




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  1. Good morning,

    I have found many of your online articles very helpful which is why I am asking you about the following;

    We are just getting started with implementing P6 Professional 16.2.
    We have licensed copies of P6 Professional 16.2 standalone on three of our laptops.
    We are focused basically on one project for learning/development purposes.
    Currently we simply email a copy of the schedule and layout between us.

    Our company has Microsoft SQL

    Question: Is there a “relatively” inexpensive way to now network or setup a database for these laptops to share and view the schedule simultaneously?
    Do we have to purchase different licenses or just let Oracle know what we are doing?

    Our IT department is unfamiliar with Primavera P6 so I am trying to do some legwork in getting advice from people who do this everyday.

    Thank you for any advice you can offer,


    1. Hi Charlie,
      With P6 Professional you can set up database on server and client on PC to work and share data like you expect.
      However I can not show you how to do it by chatting like this. You may have to hire a company specialized in P6 to go on site and configure for you.


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